Cheese Savoury Pepperoni Sandwich

This is the first Livi sandwich review. Cheese and onion is my favourite sandwich filling combo. But little did I know how good a few slices of pepperoni would be added to the mix. Lettuce was the final addition and it provided a perfect crunch. There was probably a wee bit too much mayo but I am guilty of enjoying this.  Nae bad for a mere £1.50.




Cauliflower & Broccoli with Cheese

Cauliflower & broccoli with cheese sauce is just one of the experimental dishes that the Livi Lunches canteen has served up in recent months. This super cheesy and salty meal is reminiscent of my beloved rumble de thumps but with added nutritional value from the chunky vegetables. I particularly enjoyed how real cheese was grated over the cheese sauce. This is Livi canteen at its best.



Christmas Dinner Special

It’s Christmas dinner time (£3.00) woooop.

The highlight of the meal was the stuffing. It tasted a lot better than it looked. I found the croquette potatoes a bit weird; poor alternative to a roastie. The turkey was quite decent. It was good to have real meat. Sprouts were soggy but that is standard I suppose. No one enjoys carrots out of a tin. The cranberry sauce was really nice and jazzed up the meal. In fact, it’s definitely added a couple of points to the overall score. Would I pay £3.00 for it again? No.


Chicken Pie

Lots of different chicken dishes were on today’s menu. (A more diverse menu would be appreciated Livi.) I went for the chicken pie (£1.80-quite a decent price.)

There were lots of chicken pieces and the pastry was light and crispy. There were no vegetables in the pie and the canteen had run out of veg, which I was annoyed at having to pay more for anyway. The gravy was also a bit gloopy but tasted all right.


We also have new microwaves. They have digital clock timers which I am happy about.

Livi Lunches On Tour

We ventured into another company’s canteen darn in Landan and were treated to a ‘spread’.

Sandwich spread:

Separated into meats, fish and veg, it was hard to know what exactly was in each sandwich, but boy did they taste good. They are, what I call, posh sarnies. The ingredients used were of very good quality and included crayfish, salami, chicken and some sort of fancy cheese. The crisps were also a higher end brand. Although I did not try the soup I overheard somebody complimenting it. One could also treat themselves to olives, salad and grated cheese. Although the quality of the food was high there wasn’t very much variety and that is where this canteen loses marks. Also, the cake served in the afternoon was delicious (carrot and lemon) but the portions were tiny (tiny cake? No thanks.) These guys need to be introduced to Livi pizza.


Please excuse the picture, I nearly had a nervous breakdown trying to workout how to rotate it.




Fish Cakes and Sweet Chilli Sauce with Salad

I am a newbie on the Livi fish cake scene. Today’s was served with sweet chilli sauce (£1.80) and I chose to have a side salad (45p) with mine (tomato, basil, spring onion, sesame seeds and cucumber – Livi salads are getting good again.) The fish cakes were all right but didn’t exactly taste like the fish had been caught first thing this morning at Livi harbour. The sauce complemented them really well and was tangy. The salad was a triumph. It was a light lunch and I will be choosing fish cakes in the future. However, I think that for the price, a side should be served with it.



Lots of sugar and sausage

Well, what a day it’s been.

Elf Chocolate Slab (Made by colleague) 

For breakfast I had this Elf Chocolate Slab. The exciting thing about this is that you didn’t know what was going to pop up in each piece, literally. Some bites consisted of popping candy, some of candy cane and others of fudge. I also enjoyed the mixture of different chocolates and how you can carry on sucking the candy cane after the chocolate has been swallowed.


Smoked Sausage and Onions (£1.25)

To my own surprise I turned down the vegetable pakora in favour of the smoked sausage and onions in a bread bun. The sausage was juicy and tasted like a jumbo version of the tinned ones, which I really like. The onions would have tasted nicer fried instead of boiled. Also it would be nice to have the option to have mustard with the sausage.


Doughnuts and Caramel Sauce (£1.20) 

Hats off to Livi for trying something different. I enjoyed eating the fun sized doughnuts (not too sugary, good texture) and the caramel sauce was lovely and thick. However, if both the sauce and donuts were served hot I feel that they would have tasted much more nicer and like I was at the sea side.


Spaghetti Bolognese (£1.80)

Spaghetti was a bit watery. Good use of tomatoes and mushrooms. Mince actually tasted like half decent quality. Nice enough sauce but it needed stronger flavours to come through, such as garlic. The parmesan rescued it a little. Quite a heavy meal for lunchtime. Also had to cut it up like a 6 year old to eat it in front of people. Been yearning for spag bol for the last week and although this was OK it did not satisfy my need.





Guest Editor:

It’s been a rollercoaster of raw emotion here at livi towers this lunch time. From hair raising quiche, to quite possibly the best serving of custard that has had the privilege to go in my mouth. Thick, creamy and oh so gooey what a perfect lunch time treat for the taste buds after yet an other jacket potato.I’d say that the custard easily deserves a ten, but my custard twin did not receive as generous a helping as myself, so for that reason I’m giving it 8/10.